Yoga, 3rd edition

Mar 14, 2018
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Yoga, 3rd edition

James Hewitt, “Yoga, 3rd edition (Teach Yourself)”
1988 | ISBN-10: 0340428724 | 192 pages | PDF

In Europe and America since the 1950s there has been a remarkable growth of interest in the practice of Yoga, a system of
bodily, mental, and spiritual training whose origins are lost in remotest Indian history. Most of the interest and practice centres on the postures and breathing exercises of Hatha Yoga, one of several traditional schools. After only a short period of regular practice, health and vitality improve, suppleness increases, muscles firm and tone, and there is a feeUng of lightness, relaxation, and poise that suffuses consciousness as well as the body. The value of Yoga meditation has been more slowly appreciated in the West, but interest and practice in this aspect of Yoga is now growing fast.
Yoga has proved itself to be no here-today-gone-tomorrow fad.
Several million Europeans and Americans have derived great physical, mental, and spiritual benefits from its simpler methods.
The fact is that Yoga works – and good news spreads fast. Most people take up Yoga because they have heard its praises sung by friends and acquaintances.
Teach Yourself Yoga concentrates both on the postures, breath controls, and other practices for health and bodily mastery that belong to the school of Hatha Yoga and on the successive stages of sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and absorption of Raja Yoga, which produce mental mastery and poise. Traditionally, the exercises of Hatha Yoga act as a purification and preparation for the meditation of Raja Yoga, the ‘Royal Way\ though they may also be practised for the benefits described above…

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