Yiquan Correspondence course 3

May 10, 2018
Chinese Martial Arts
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Yiquan Correspondence course 3

Yao Cheng Guang – Yiquan Correspondence course 3
Zongxun Wuguan | 2004 | ISBN: N/A | English | 83 pages | PDF

Part 3 focus more on combat training, it includes Zou Bu Fa Li(walking issuing force), Ding Ba Bu Shi Li(Testing issuing force3), Zou Bu Dan Quan(Single Punch with step), Complex Quan Fa(Combining hand techniques and serial training), Kicks, one leg post training, Divine Turtle Emerging exercise. Twelve modules module 25 to module 36.

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Yiquan Correspondence course 3: Videos, PDFs | Size: 9.93 MB

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