Yiquan Correspondence course 2

May 10, 2018
Chinese Martial Arts
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Yiquan Correspondence course 2

Yao Cheng Guang – Yiquan Correspondence course 2
Zongxun Wuguan | 2004 | ISBN: N/A | English | 83 pages | PDF
Part 2 is the second course of YiQuan(Yi Chuan) training, with most important exercises, it includes Ping Bu Shi Li (Even Step Testing Strength), Ji ji Zhuang ( Combat Post), Ding Ba Bu Shi Li(testing force in T-eight step), Zou Bu Shi Li(Testing force with steps), Fa Li(Issuing force2), Shuan Tui Shou (double hand pushing hands), Shuan Tui Shou Fa Li(issuing force with double hands) , Dan Quan (single fist). Twelve modules module 13 to module 24.

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Yiquan Correspondence course 2: Videos, PDFs | Size: 7.32 MB

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