Think Like a Black Belt

Jan 17, 2018
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Think Like a Black Belt

Jim Bouchard – Think Like a Black Belt

Because Discipline, Focus and Excellence are not optional- in life or business! The author takes you inside the mind of the Black Belt to develop confidence, courage, discipline, focus and leadership you need for excellence in personal & professional life. Jim Bouchard combines the wisdom of the ancient masters with a bold new voice for our contemporary challenges. This is practical philosophy written in a blunt, often humorous and always accessible style by a guy who knows the streets, has tasted hardship and knows how to stay in the ring and keep punching! This is not another self-help cookbook full of hollow promises of quick fixes, shortcuts and mind games; it’s a gut-level examination of what it takes to reach your goals and how to develop the mental toughness it takes to keep going when times are tough. You don’t have to be a martial artist yourself or even know how to kick to put these powerful ideas to work for you. You only have to be open to changing the way you think- to Think Like a Black Belt!

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