Stockmann Hardy – Kick boxing Muay-Thai

Feb 4, 2018
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Stockmann Hardy – Kick boxing Muay-Thai

Introduction. The mention of Thailand, often advertised as the “Land of Smiles,” usually creates an image of pretty girls, friendly rice farmers and temples with yellow-robed monks. Few foreigners would associate the Siamese with violence or even cruelty, yet this is exactly what they have been accused of by tourists who have watched a Muay-Thai bout for the first time. The use of elbows, knees and feet in the ring is foreign to them and what looks to the uninitiated like an “everything goes” massacre, has proved to be not every visitor’s favorite form of entertainment. A middle-aged European lady, sitting with a group of tourists, was fascinated by the action in the ring until blood started to flow. Suddenly she gulped and regurgitated all over the man sitting in front of her. During a championship bout in a Bangkok arena I overheard an American serviceman explaining to his friend that all the fights are fixed. “It’s just a show, like wrestling on TV.” In the second round the champ landed a powerful knee-kick in the challenger’s solar plexus, bending him over like a jack-knife. An elbow punch followed to the top of the spine, slowly dropping the already unconscious fighter, while a sickening sound issued from his mouth. The GI hurried out of the stadium, his face the color of chalk. …

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