Steve Tarani – Karambit Training

Dec 19, 2017
Self Defense
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Steve Tarani – Karambit Training

Karambit is a small Southeast Asian curved knife resembling a claw. Known as kerambit in its native Indonesian and Malay, it is called karambit in the Philippines and in most Western countries This video series takes you through the basics of karambit fighting and self defense, through advanced applications of blocking, slashing and others. It is provided for information only.

Steve Tarani is an internationally respected edged weapons and personal safety expert. He is a full-time defensive tactics instructor and provides high-profile operational development training for various agencies world-wide. He is additionally the premier recognized authority and expert on the Karambit. He has written several books on edged weapons and personal safety, has had countless magazine articles published and has produced numerous videos on the karambit

A student of edged weapons since 1979 Steve Tarani trained extensively throughout the 1980’s in the Filipino weapons arts under the likes of Guro Ted Lucalucay and Grandmaster Giron resulting in his achievement of graduate instructor status in 1989 directly under Grandmaster Leovigildo Miguel Giron. Further research, training and investigation into various Japanese, Chinese, Burmese, Korean and other edged weapons systems led him to the masters of the Karambit hailing from the Indonesian Archipelago. About this same time Steve began formal training in the Malaysian and Indonesian weapon systems with his first Malaysian instructor Cibku Sulaimen Sharif.

While a dedicated Maphilindo Silat (and Filipino Eskrima) student training directly under Guru Dan Inosanto in Los Angeles California, Steve was introduced to Guru Besar Herman Suwanda by Guro Inosanto and became a devoted disciple. Tarani trained with his new teacher throughout the 1990’s up to and until the passing of his master in March of 2002. Although trained predominantly in the US, Steve was often encouraged by personal invitation, to train with Guru Besar Suwanda, his family and his teachers in Indonesia.

Captivated by the traditional training methods and total immersion into the Indonesian culture, Steve trained in Indonesia directly under the likes of Pencak Silat masters such as Pak Akyat, Pak Odid, Bapak Suherman, and others and became intimately familiar with the styles and teachings of the ancients. Receiving his instructorship in Lembang Jawa Barat (West Java, Indonesia) in July of 1996, he continued his studies directly under his masters to achieve the rank of Jagabaya – innermost guard of the Pendekar, specializing in the Karambit.

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