What is Self Defense? Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu

Feb 8, 2018
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What is Self Defense? (Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu)

James M. Mitose – What is Self Defense? (Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu)

Originally published in 1953, “What is Self Defense? (Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu)” was reprinted in 1980 by the Kosho-Shorei Publishing Company.

The book consists of the following breakdown of technique (curriculum):

11 punching & striking defenses.

7 kicking defenses.

26 escape defenses (grab arts).

8 lock, break & throw defenses.

17 weapon defenses (knife, sword-which could double for a club & gun).

20 women & girls defenses.

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What is Self Defense? (Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu): Videos, PDFs | Size: 13.64 MB

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