Self Defense or Jiu Jitsu

Feb 8, 2018
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Self Defense or Jiu Jitsu

Dewey Mitchell – Self Defense or Jiu Jitsu
Cleveland, Ohio: Published by Dewey Mitchell | 1942 | ISBN: N/A | English | 95 pages | PDF | 45.25 MB



Defending yourself. Against a man. With a rifle and a bayonet.

Defending yourself from a left jab.

Being help up from the rear.

Disarming a man who has a 38’colt.

Gun trick on the draw.

Disarming a man who has: a revolver & a knife.

Searching a suspect.

Putting a man: through a door & in a wagon.

Removing: a man from a car & a person from a chair.

Come along.

Knockout blows.

Breaking a throat hold.

Releasing: a body grip & a body hold with a hip throw.

A back attack.

Face and ankle trip.

Ankle and knee trip.

Overpowering two assailants.

Arm and hip throw.

Wrist and elbow lock.

Arm and leg throw.

Wrist throw.

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Self Defense or Jiu Jitsu
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