Muay Thai For Beginners: Strategies & Strikes Utilizing The 8 Limbs Of Power

Aug 22, 2016
Beginners Corner
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Course Name: Muay Thai For Beginners: Strategies & Strikes Utilizing The 8 Limbs Of Power

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The Ultimate Beginners Crash Course To Muay Thai!

Are You Ready To Learn How To Train & Fight In Muay Thai? If So You’ve Come To The Right Place

Muay Thai is without a doubt one of the most skillful, quickest growing sports in the world! With many striking styles, including punches, elbows, knees and kicks it’s a great sport to watch, and even better to be a part of! Improve your fitness, confidence, self defence skills & have fun with Muay Thai.

There’s a ton of other technical, complicated & drawn out books available out there, when I write it’s no BS, no fluff. Just the information you want and need to get started.

Here’s A Preview Of What Muay Thai For Beginners Contains…

An Overview Of Muay Thai

How To Condition Your Body Before Muay Thai Training

Stances, Strikes and the Blocks Used in Muay Thai

How to Correctly Throw Muay Thai Punches and Elbow Strikes

How to Correctly Throw Muay Thai Kicks and Knee Strikes

Blocks, Clinches and other Muay Thai Strategies

Simple Muay Thai Drill and Combinations

Understanding the Muay Thai Rules and Regulations as a Sport

And Much, Much More!


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