Kil Yong Sup – Competitive Taekwondo

Feb 4, 2018
Tae Kwon Do
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Kil Yong Sup – Competitive Taekwondo

Foreword. Taekwondo is a growing martial art all over the world. Its increasing popularity is evidenced by the 60 million students of this martial art in 179 countries. International competition continues to advance through events such as the World Championships and the Olympic Games. Competitive Taekwondo, written by Master Yong Sup Kil and endorsed by the World Taekwondo Federation, contains the insight of a veteran athlete and coach. The book covers the theoretical background of the match, training methods for athletes, kicks, steps, tactics, and sparring strategies. The variety of training covered in the book will expedite a better understanding of taekwondo and give readers a competitive edge. This is a good guidebook for trainees, athletes, and coaches who have a keen desire to understand taekwondo. It is my sincere wish this wonderful martial art continues to inspire all those who seek knowledge of the sport. Chungwon Choue, PhD President World Taekwondo Federation. …

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