Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success

Apr 17, 2018
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Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success

Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success by Pat O’Keeffe
English | May 2000 | ISBN: 1840240938 | 160 Pages | PDF

This book sets out, examines and defines the techniques, methods and practices that make up the training of a kick-boxer. It serves as an A-Z manual to be used as a

reference to solve or re-examine problems of craft or skill and takes the reader through a process, starting with the most basic techniques through timing and distance,

power and speed, sparring and conditioning, finishing only when the fighter, having fought, steps out of the ring to be de-briefed by the coach. This guide aims to open

up the path for success in a comprehensive treatment of the practice of kick-boxing.

SALE PAGE | Price: $10

Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success: Videos, PDFs | Size: 2 MB

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