Jon Sinn & Bobby Rio – Bionic Verbal Game

Nov 28, 2017
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Jon Sinn & Bobby Rio – Bionic Verbal Game

As promised, Jon Sinn and I have put together a brand new “masterclass” called 4 Steps to Bionic Verbal Game

Discover Exactly What to Say

You’ll discover a 4 Step “Verbal Formula” that moves a conversation forward, gets her attracted to you and escalates towards the kiss…

This Thursday, February 9th, we’re going to “pull back the curtain” and reveal the exact steps to consistently talk a girl into bed.

If you found the 2 previous videos insightful you haven’t seen anything yet.

This free live training will walk you through the four steps you need to take to never run out of things to say, never stall out, never revert to asking the same old boring questions.

. And never get stuck on a friendly or “platonic” level again.

Here’s a small sample of what we’ll be covering:

– 4 Steps to Unlocking Bionic Verbal Game (even if you’re shy or don’t think you have much to talk about)

– How to NEVER run out of things to say again

– An easy formula for talking about yourself in a way that draws a girl in

– 3 Secret “Attraction Tools” to slip into a conversation

– Our Step-by-Step “Conversation Roadmap” for escalating towards sex

– How to compliment a girl without losing attraction

– An innocent sentence you can say that will let you know how attracted to you a girl is (her reaction reveals everything)

– and much more

Remember, this masterclass is 100% free so registration will fill up fast.

The information you’ll discover on this training has to power to truly transform your dating and social life.

Because not only will it allow you date and sleep with with the high quality girls, it will also give you the confidence to approach and spark conversations with any girl you set your eyes on.

SALE PAGE | Price: $49

Jon Sinn & Bobby Rio – Bionic Verbal Game: Videos, PDFs | Size: 6.53 GB

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