Jessica Smith – 10 Minute Solution – Knockout Body Workout

Feb 18, 2017
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Jessica Smith – 10 Minute Solution – Knockout Body Workout

No time to exercise? We have the solution for you—the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we’ve developed 5 kickboxing-inspired workouts that are just 10 minutes each. Compact and ultra-efficient, the 10 minute workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Split them into 5 separate workouts, mix and match your favorites to fit your schedule each day, or do them all together for one extreme, kick-butt training session!
KNOCKOUT BODY BLAST This kickboxing workout mixes combinations of cardio and strength moves for tightening and toning all-over.

FAT ATTACK Punch, kick, and strike away flab. Fat cells don’t stand a chance against this total body, cardio kickboxing routine!

FIERCE & FABULOUS ABS This segment elevates the heart rate while attacking your abs and lower back to develop a strong, slim midsection with killer curves.

ULTIMATE UPPER BODY Punches are the ultimate upper body workout! Sculpt a sizzling back, plus sexy arms and shoulders, with this boxing-inspired cardio sculpt segment.

KICKBOX CROSS TRAIN Use cardio, core, endurance, and power moves in this cross-training combo. Develop your kickboxing form while you blast away fat and shape your knockout body.

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