How to escape the 9-5 life!

May 12, 2017
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Course Name: How to escape the 9-5 life!

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How to let your passion pay the bills! Do you love baking? Then start a cookery course or a bakery!

Often people end up in jobs to make ends meet but it´s not what they would be doing if they had a choice. It is not unusual to meet people who are living for their next payday.

This course is teaching you how to turn your passion into a cashcow. In simple terms; how to build your own small business from your passion.

I believe that if you work with your passion, something amazing happens – you are willing to put so much more effort into it – and yet it feels easier than a job. And because it’s your passion you are also the target group of your product which means that you can create that product like no other – and that’s the way that you can beat your competitors.

My passion is to build businesses out of an idea and to plant seeds and see them grow. I want to share some of the skills that I have learned which have created an income for me.

All I can say is that it’s way easier to follow your passion NOW. Why wait then have regrets when you retire?


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