Emerson Knives – Combat Karambit Training

May 10, 2017
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Course Name: Emerson Knives – Combat Karambit Training

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Learn all about how to use the karambit by one of the most famous knife makers and experienced combat veterans in the world.
Level 1 Training:
In this instructional series The Complete Combat Karambit, you can learn to use what Mr. Emerson has called one of the best personal Defense Weapon ever developed. This course introduces you to an entirely new and revolutionary way of fighting with a knife. Designed to exploit the advantages of the karambit knife, this amazing fighting system is hardcore, bare bones, and brutally effective.

Learn the skills, drills and manipulations that turn the Karambit knife into a whirling buzz saw of razor sharpened steel. By mastering the concepts and drills shown in this DVD you will be able to turn those skills into devastating effectiveness with the Karambit knife. This DVD teaches balance, coordination, manipulation, speed and power. Most importantly it explains and enhances your combat mind set, the most important weapon you posses.

Level 2 Training:
This DVD is where you learn how to use your skills and applications against an aggressive attack. The techniques that you will learn cover a wide range of attack scenarios and give you the ability to draw upon a variety of responses to various attacks. Coupling these techniques with the skills learned in DVD 1 gives you the ability to respond aggressively and decisively with power and devastating effectiveness when you or your loved ones are threatened with harm.

Level 3 Training:
All of the effectiveness of the previous tapes times two. This DVD covers some of the most vicious and awesome double knife techniques ever devised. These are advanced skills that don’t just increase your effectiveness, they transform you into a tiger, armed with twin claws of razor sharp steel.

Level 4 Training:
This DVD introduces you to an entirely new and revolutionary way of fighting with a knife. Developed by Ernest Emerson to be straight forward, effective and efficient, this fighting style has to be experienced to be believed. This is in large part, the same fundamental system that Emerson originated and teaches to elite military units worldwide.

This brutal knife fighting style, proven in modern combat, has never been seen by civilian subjects until the release of this DVD. Modified to exploit the advantages of the Karambit Knife, this amazing fighting system is hard core, bare bones and brutally effective.

Master the tactics and techniques of knife boxing and know that there are very few men on Earth who will have the brutal and devastating skills you posses.




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