A Dictionary of Martial Arts

Feb 10, 2018
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A Dictionary of Martial Arts

Louis Frederic – A Dictionary of Martial Arts

From well-known forms such as ju-jutsu, karate, tae-kwon-do, aikido, t’ai-chi chu’an, and kung-fu to the less familiar practices of kyudo, kendo, and yabusame, this encyclopedic reference defines the terms and describes the moves, motivations, and contest rules for all of the major martial arts. Comprehensive and well-illustrated, its alphabetically arranged entries cover not only the technical and historical details of each martial art, but a wide range of weaponry, influential practitioners from Miyamoto Musashi to Bruce Lee, techniques such as ibuki and ki-ai, and concepts such as do, qi, shen, and wa.
Hundreds of diagrams and drawings illustrate the finer points of all techniques. Cross references further clarify the relationships between the martial arts of one country and another and between related styles. Clear and detailed in its explanations, this is the book that no martial-arts enthusiast can do without.

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