Devost J. – Manual of savate and english boxing

May 4, 2018
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Devost J. – Manual of savate and english boxing

Savate’s History. If boxing is the word of modern origin, the year it represents is as old as the hills. Not to mention the struggles he had, in principle, support against the elements and animals, man has daily with his fellow terrible strife, where the existence of people was involved, where brute force was often the above instructions, but had to yield, however in many circumstances to address, agility and cunning. At that time, to quote Hobbes, man is a wolf to man – homo homini lupus- it did help to expect from anyone, he had to protect himself; and the offensive and defensive weapons did not exist when he was forced to use the weapon the easiest and most natural, indeed the only one who was always at his disposal. Also, from the earliest times, we see him engaging in violent exercises that relax the muscles, the hardened to fatigue, and gave him the means to support benefit with the struggle for existence. And it is not about special rights, history teaches us that societies in the old gym was open to all, the woman went there at times, and it was sending the child, as the ‘sends to school today. That the Greeks show delivery for first time athletes, special class of people who only had to develop their physical strength. Wherever this tendency manifests itself, it is encouraged by the State which establishes public games devoted to physical exercises. The country, then powerless to protect his children, gave them an education that gave them gymnastics jumped a thriving, made it to the robust future warriors, and the arms of what she could rest without fear, because at this time when battles are waged meadows, so to say melee physical force for success. …

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