Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death

Mar 3, 2018
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Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death

N. Mashiro – Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death

Black medicine is the study of the “vital points” of human anatomy for the purpose of disrupting the structure and physiology of the body in the most rapid and deadly manner possible. This manual is devoted to the discussion of 170 parts of the human body where a minimum amount of force will produce a maximum impact on a person’s ability to fight. The study of these vital points is basic to all branches of the martial arts. This particular discussion is oriented toward the karate or self-defense student, the police officer, and military combat specialist to whom a thorough grounding in the details of human anatomy may make a life-or-death difference someday.
Vital Points of the Head
Vital Points of the Neck and Throat
Vital Points of the Upper Trunk
Vital Points of the Lower Trunk
Vital Points of the Hand and Arm
Vital Points of the Leg and Foot
Vital Points of Pistol Shooting
Further Reading
A thorough analysis of the human body’s vital points and how to use them to your advantage in combat handgunning and all types of hand-to-hand combat situations. Must reading for military combat specialists, martial artists and those interested in self-defense.

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