Black Belt Karate

Apr 11, 2016
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Course Name: Black Belt Karate

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Written by one of America’ s most outstanding karate teachers, this is a no-holds-barred, no-frills handbook sure to aid the student’s rapid advancement to the rank of black belt.

A holder of the black belt degree since 1959, the author has distilled and preserved the hard-won techniques and know-how of years of practice and experimentation. Over 800 techniques and exercises and more than 1,860 photographs reveal the speed and power inherent in properly taught karate.

Part One is a general introduction to the history, the mentality, and the various rules and formalities of karate, including a summer training schedule designed to toughen the tenderest feet. Part Two is devoted to training-focusing on vital areas of the body, weapons, stances, blocks, attacks, special exercises, and many other aspects of karate. Part Three is given over to sparring and its various intricacies, with instructions on creating openings, breaking the opponent’s balance, and closing distances. In each part, owing to his broad knowledge and experience, the author is so straightforward and lucid in his presentation that even the slowest student cannot help but make steady improvement. The average student will progress rapidly and find his growing skill sufficient proof of the value of Black Belt Karate.

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