Arm-locks for All Styles

May 7, 2018
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Arm-locks for All Styles

Iain Stuart Abernethy – Arm-locks for All Styles
Neth Publishing | 2004 | ISBN: 0953893235 | English | 157 pages | PDF

This book has a decent amount of locking techniques without becoming overly complicated. The photos in the book are of good size and clear and consice, unlike some of the other books on the market where you have to strain eyes and brain to figure how they aquired that particular lock. There are 11 wrist-locking techniques, 29 staight arm locks some on the ground, some standing up, 14 bent arm locks again some standing some on the ground, 3 transitioning training drills.

SALE PAGE | Price: $164

Arm-locks for All Styles: Videos, PDFs | Size:2.99 MB

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