30 Day Whole Foods Challenge

Mar 9, 2018
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30 Day Whole Foods Challenge

30 Day Whole Foods Challenge: Irresistible Whole Food Recipes For Your Healthy Lifestyle – Lose Weight, Boost Your Metabolism, and Prevent Disease by Maya Jarvis

Have you ever thought about making a change to the way you eat?
Would you like to be fitter and healthier and lose weight too? Now you can, with this innovative new book, The 30 Day Whole Foods Challenge, an experiment which promises that you will look and feel much better in just one month. Within these pages, you will discover much more than just some new recipes for great tasting food, with chapters which examine:
What the 30-day challenge is
The benefits for you
Foods you can and can’t eat
How to reintroduce foods into your diet
Recipes for each week
How to carry on while on vacation
And much more
If you have ever had problems with chronic illnesses or suffered from a lack of energy, skin problems or inexplicable aches and pains, then this could be the book that will change your life. So, if you think it’s time to reset your eating habits and detox like never before.

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